Tuna -Baguette Tuesdays

Music is a huge passion of mine. I love hearing new songs and falling in love with an artist. I try to spend the last half hour of my day winding down and hitting up Spotify for my Daily Mix or the new music playlists. One new song, and the next thing I’m seven layers deep listening to the artist’s EP from 2009.

I used to be obsessed with making mixed CD’s – Throwback alert – and then I’d make a sheet with all the songs and cut them up to make an album cover. I like songs that made me think about the lyrics, and where the beat would ignite my soul with feels. I also liked songs that I could get down and dirty to in da club, so i definitely have an eclectic mix in genre. Now I’m all about that playlist life, playlists for everything, playlists for days!!!!!

So, I thought I’d kick off with a song that has not been out of my ears for about a week and it comes from the beautiful Fletcher. This girls voice melts me, and the song is just so bang on to how a lot of women in their mid (to late….cough cough) twenties feel. That feeling of having to rush everything and adult sooner than you would maybe like to. This song is here to remind us that when we look back, it’ll be the days we kicked back and enjoyed ourselves that stay with us forever!

Give her a listen guys, because she is going to light it up

Love always A x